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Training should be fun!
Speeches should be exciting!
Cher Holton can make that vision become a reality! 

Uniquely qualified to work with In-House Trainers, Speakers, and Subject-Matter Experts ~
Cher Holton brings: Experience! Expertise! Education! Enthusiasm!


Whether you want to add unique interaction to your training sessions or spice up your presentations, Cher Holton can help you transform yourself into a presenter with pizzazz! Known for her Interactive Keynotes and dynamic TurboTraining sessions, Cher knows how to  make a difference that translates to bottom-line success.

A Note From Cher:

Welcome to my stage! As your Choreographer, I want to lead you easily through this site, so your can write the script you want to improve your presentations immediately!

As part of our cast of site visitors, you are probably here because:

  1. You are a trainer, speaker, or subject matter expert looking for ways to transform your presentations into powerful, memorable, results-oriented experiences.
  2. You want to provide real-time help to a group of people who need quick tips to improve their presentation skills.
  3. You are a meeting planner or Bureau representative, searching for the perfect Keynote that will add pizzazz to your conference or meeting.

What’s Playing On This Stage?

If you are looking for a personal “Choreographer” who will work with you one-on-one to become a presenter with pizzazz, you will want to explore the Coaching link. This section includes specialized coaching options designed for three different people:

  • in-house trainers,
  • speakers, and
  • subject matter experts.

If you are looking for in-house workshops designed to provide presentation skills help for a group of people, you will want to explore the TurboTraining link. This section describes ½-day workshops and 2-day Intensives which can be customized to meet the specific needs of your group.

If you are looking for a Keynote to bring pizzazz to your conference or meeting, you will want to explore the Keynotes link. This section describes my three most requested presentations that are all customized, interactive, and dynamic.

Other Information Appearing Here:

Meeting Planners and Bureaus will be interested in coming backstage, where you’ll have access to lots of insider information, such as the most Frequently Answered Questions about me, a sample letter of Agreement that outlines the way I prefer to work with my clients, a sample introduction, downloadable one-sheets, and other useful information. There’s also an article with tips on how to get the biggest ROI from working with me!

This part is for anyone!
In my Product Mall, you will find access to lots of free stuff (articles and tip sheets all designed to help you improve your presentation style, create unique activities, debrief your interactions, and hone your skills).

There are also a host of incredible books, CDs and resources that you can purchase for special rates, as a thank-you for being part of this production! Be sure to check out the action there.

Finally, you can take advantage of other great sites I’ve discovered and highly recommend, all of which will support your desire to present with pizzazz! Just click on Links to see what I’m prompting you to review.

And now — Lights, Camera, ACTION! 
Enjoy the show, and contact me with your questions, reviews, and request to bring me into your cast!

Best wishes for a great performance!